• Industrial machine design
  • Power train system design
  • Gearbox and open gearing design
  • Hydraulic system and component design
  • Machine frames
  • Man-rated support systems
  • Engineering material selection and heat treating

Bridging the Gap

Portland, Oregon, or “Bridgetown” as we locals call it, is a perfect city for us because we view our mission as bridging the gap, both for industry and for people.

For industry, while we know that sometimes new industrial machines and equipment are necessary, we know there are times when “new” isn’t always the best choice. One of our specialities is redesigning and rebuilding older equipment to bring it up to the standards of today’s needs. We can bridge the gap from “old” to “like new” and sometimes even “better than new.”

For people, so much industry has moved overseas, taking the experience of designing industrial machines along with it. At Altman Browning, we consider it our legacy to ensure that this capability continues to exist in America by training a whole new generation of US engineers in the lost art of industrial machine design.

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