Maintenance Support Platform

Man-Rated Maintenance Platform

the details

The Bureau of Reclamation dam at Shasta required a maintenance platform for working on turbines from within the 160 inch diameter draft tubes.

The powerhouse has multiple turbines requiring a system that was light weight, modular and was to be packed onto a dedicated cart for storage. The draft tubes have small manway access ports on either side.

The project requirements included the ability to install the platform components from one side and, once installed, the components had to be able to lock together.

No component of the platform assembly could weigh more than 100 pounds and the assembled platform had to support two 250 pound workers standing within 18 inches of the edge. Finally, the platform assembly had to be self supporting from the faces of the two access ports.


Altman Browning and Company began by providing the initial concept for approval based on modular aluminum structural components with high-strength toggle connectors. Once approved, we completed a detailed design package with contract drawings, FEA stress analysis reports, fabrication drawings, component drawings and a bill of materials. We also developed a design verification test plan.

With approval of the design submittal we provided engineering support during the fabrication phase. We also provided custom-machined components for fabrication into the system. Upon completion we supervised shop testing and certified the finished product as well as a manual with installation and assembly instructions.


We completed the project on time and on budget. The final product provided an much improved solution to our customer’s requirement as compared to other designs they had tried.


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